Cozim First In Line

Puppy in Show Collie (Rough and Smooth) Society of WA (Inc.) Champ Show 22/08/04 Mrs E Blake-Watta (NZ)

A/CH Wintersett Kiwi-made F’Cozim (imp NZ)

Baby of Breed W.A.K.C. Champ Show 26/03/05 Mrs L Chalmers (NZ)
Baby of Breed + Group WA Terrier Club Champ Show 26/03/05 Mrs S Monk
Minor of Breed + Group Build. & Amenities Champ Show 08/05/05 Ms M Fraser
Junior of Breed Western Classic Champ Show 06/03/06 Mr M McMillan (Canada)
Best of Breed Collie (Rough & Smooth) of WA Open Show 23/04/06 Mrs T.J. Fallows
Working Dog Club of WA Champ Show 06/05/06 Mrs D Anderson (USA)
Best of Breed Hills Kennel Club Open Show 08/07/06 Mrs T.J. Fallows
Best of Breed Fremantle Dog Club Champ Show (25 points) 13/08/06 Mr M Zidar (Slovenia)
Challenge Certificate Working Dog Club of WA (19 points) 16/09/06 Mr John Walsh (Ireland)
Challenge Certificate
Inter. In Show
Collie Club of NSW Champ Show (25 points) 15/10/06 Mrs Ulla Bergh-Persson (Sweden)
Best of Breed Geraldton & Dist. K/C (16 points) 22/09/07 Mr K Cronchey (VIC)
Challenge Certificate Stewards Association of WA (7 points) 21/06/08 Mrs P Campbell
RCC Geraldton & Dist. K/C 23/09/08 Mrs B Stepkovitch (NSW)
Best of Breed
Runner Up Best Exhibit in Group
Albany All Breeds Dog Club (15 points) 15/11/08 Mr K Cronchey (VIC)
Best of Breed CSSC of WA Inc. (25 points) 5/7/09 Mr C Woodrow (Q/land)
Best of Breed Perth Royal Show (25 points) 1/10/09 Mr H Kliebenstein (Germany)

Cozim The Dancing Queen

Baby Puppy In Show Collie and Shetland Sheepdog Club of WA Open Show 22/04/07 Mr P Thompson
Baby Puppy In Group Fremantle Dog Club Champ Show 13/05/07 Mrs C Scotton (VIC)
Minor Puppy In Group CAWA’s 30th Anniversary Champ Show 18/08/07 Mrs K Hedberg (NSW)
Minor Puppy In Show Collie & Shetland Sheepdog club of WA Champ Show 26/08/07 Ms Maureen Gostelow (VIC)
Baby Puppy In Show CSSC of WA Open Show 22/04/07 Mr P Thompson
Puppy In Group
Geraldton & Dist. K/C 22/09/07 Mr K Cronchey (VIC)
RCC Geraldton & Dist. K/C 15/11/08 Mr K Cronchey (VIC)

Cozim Aknightnblacksatin

Baby Puppy In Group WAKC Inc. Champ Show 25/03/07 Mrs D Hyde (Canberra)
Baby Puppy In Group Building and Amenities Champ Show> 09/04/07 Mrs C Seeber